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"Luna - close the eyes and the light is in you!"
                                                      Marino Lazzeroni

Alexander von Bernus lived from 1880 to 1965 and was the inventor of Solunate. He developed these spagyric essences in his laboratory Soluna. Solunates consist of medicinal plants, metals and minerals. They work on body, mind and soul.


In addition to ointments and essential oils there are the 22 main remedies. Each is numbered and depending on the symptoms, the appropriate means are used as follows:


Solunate No. 3 Azinate: in immunodeficiency and inflammatory diseases

Solunate No. 7 Epidemic: in case of fever

Solunate No. 17 Sanguisol: spiritual-spiritual elixir of life


What is the special feature of Solunate?

The solunates are made by hand according to a special procedure.