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"Happy, who knew the cause of things."

                               Vergil (70 v. Chr. - 19 n. Chr.)


Gemma (lat.) means bud, so the bud medicine is called gemmotherapy. The gemmotherapy deals in detail with the healing power and the use of the buds, especially those of trees and shrubs.

The bud is the liveliest of a plant, and all the genome of the tree or shrub is in it. The embryonic tissue, the so-called shoot sprouts and root tips, contain all the information for the complete blueprint of the plant. The bud contains a maximum of energy and growth power.


The Belgian physician Henry Pol (1918-1988) discovered the power of the buds at the beginning of the 1960s. At that time gemmotherapy was called phyto-embryo therapy. The French homeopath Dr. Max Tétau developed the procedure further and coined the term gemmotherapy, which is commonly used today. Hildegard von Bingen also used buds as a remedy.


The special in bud medicine is the use of valuable ingredients, including u.a. from a high number of amino acids (protein building blocks) and many vegetable growth hormones such as auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins (hormone means offense, drive). They regulate, stimulate or inhibit the development of the individual parts of the tree or shrub. Equally valuable are existing protective substances such as flavonoids, vitamin C and enzymes. The bud contains all the information about the shoot, the leaves and the flowers and about the annual year-round operation. Shortly before spring (February / March) the buds are the most active. In coniferous trees, the young, light green shoots are used instead of the buds.


Gemmoremedies, which are made from the buds are sprayed as oral spray on the oral mucosa.

For example, the bud of the fig tree has a calming effect on nervous system stress and helps, among other things. for stomach problems. The remedies are without side effects and therefore very suitable for children and infants as well as in times of pregnancy.