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Bioresonance therapy offers a complex programme of harmonisation through which an entire body that is suffering from weakness and illness is restored to a balanced state of oscillation both vitally and mentally, thus ensuring a healthy Regeneration.

BICOM-Resonance Therapy

The name for this computer-controlled, practice-based BICOM device comes from "bio" and "communication". All diseases and troublesome early stages of illness, when no symptoms are apparent yet, are accompanied by electronic oscillations. It is well known that biomolecules emit signals. Radio astronomers also observe this type of information (electromagnetic waves, scalar waves etc.).


Today, any physicist can tell you the simple fact that atoms and molecules are composed of quanta, which can be described as both particles and at the same time as waves and energetic fields. Depending on the mathematical perspective, quanta can be described as either particulate entities or as electromagnetic fields, or as sector fields.


The oscillations or signals within an individual patient have an electromagnetic nature, which means that they can be detected as measurable variations using BICOM electrodes as they are emitted from a patient's body. BICOM electrodes are made up of multiple layers and contain a specially designed magnetic film that matches the maximum magnetic field of the Earth. Because the magnetic field completely penetrates the body's tissues, signals not only from the skin's surface, but also from the internal tissues and organs, can be detected and are measured by the BICOM device.


The goal of BICOM resonance therapy is to reduce and ultimately eliminate the pathological oscillations in the body and let the body's own powers take over Regulation without restriction. Chronic diseases start when the body's own regulatory capacity is no longer able to function as a consequence of excessive pathological interference signals.


Pathological oscillations may be the result of genetics, vaccinations, toxins, foods, deficits (use of animal meal to feed animals), poor diet, childhood disease, viruses, bacteria, disruptive electromagnetic radiation, mental stress and many other factors. It is worth noting that BICOM resonance therapy is often cited as a way to overcome allergies, for example.


That claim often leads to misunderstanding, however. It is possible, with the use of a BICOM device by a therapist who is well-trained in this form of therapy, to reduce or neutralise the pathological interference frequencies and thus reactivate the body's own mechanisms of regulation. These inherent mechanisms of Regulation are what cure the patient and not a drug or device operated by a therapist.


That which we call a cure (unlike the elimination of symptoms) is an event that occurs exclusively through the body's own regulation mechanisms that are inherent in nature. If a patient fails to change the lifestyle that caused these pathological oscillations, sooner or later the patient will suffer again and the body's own regulation mechanisms will be prevented from acting again.


For example, if a patient suffers from a specific allergy or intolerance to pork, the signals

that block the body's inherent regulatory mechanisms are weakened or eliminated, but if the patient should resume a diet that includes the harmful substance that led to the blockage, the biological organism will eventually return to a pathological state with the associated oscillations.


In this way, an unhealthy lifestyle cannot be maintained with the help of a medical device without a return of the corresponding symptoms. This leads to a misunderstanding about the reason for the illness as an urgent call for help by the body to change something about the way of life; similarly, the role of the therapist would also be misplaced.


The biological signals and electromagnetic oscillations of a biological system are found within the ultraweak or ultrafine range.


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Bioresonance therapy

The bioresonance is suitable for humans as well as for the animal. Animals are particularly sensitive to the magnetic vibrations and so a bioresonance treatment quickly shows a visible improvement in the symptoms.