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What is homeopathy

The word comes from the Greek meaning "similar suffering".


Conventional homeopathy is a regulation therapy, in which an individual is perceived as an integral unit. This means that homeopathic approaches address both the physical symptoms and the conditions of the mind and spirit, while also taking into account family predispositions. Homeopathy support powers of self-healing and is always offered on a person-by-person basis. This increases the chances of recovery immensely. Homeopathy helps to restore health rapidly, gently and enduringly in cases of both acute and chronic illness.


Homeopathy came into being in 1796, when its principles were developed by the physician, chemist and pharmacist Dr. med. habil. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Today, more than 200 years later, homeopathy is continuing to gain importance, attracting more and more proponents all the time.


The key features of homeopathy include the targeted use of medicines based on the similarity principle, in which the choices are geared toward the individual signs of illness and personality traits of the patient, as well as the use of medicines in a potentised form. 


How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed according to the law of symptom similarity or what is known as the principle of "like cures like" (from the Greek words hómoios = like and pathos = suffering).


Substances or medicines that at higher doses would cause a similar disease are prepared and administered in much smaller quantities. Stimulating the body's own defence system helps promote healing.


Homeopathic medicine helps to balance the body as a whole and thus restores health rapidly and gently, without any side effects. In addition, a homeopathic approach effectively and enduringly stimulates the patient's own immune system and power of regeneration. This holistically enhances the patient's sense of well-being. 


Homeopathy for the animal

Homeopathy is ideal for both humans and animals. Animals are particularly sensitive to  homeopathic fluctuations and therefore show rapid and noticeable improvements to health.